Tic Tac Toe Beach Towels For Kids and Adults

Make your beach outing fun and memorable. Turn your fabulous tic tac toe beach towels into a challenging game for both young and old alike. This will make a dull moment vigorously exciting and worthwhile.

Here’s a strategy guide in playing the game to help you win the next time your family will go on a trip to the beach. The game is very easy which is played by two individuals. Although it is simple there is however tricks that may help you win.

Here’s how:

If you are moving first, place the ‘x’ in any corner square. The opponent may move in three ways after that.

Move 1, he or she may put the ‘o’ on a corner square too. Your response to this move would be to place your ‘x’ on another corner square. By now the 3 corners are taken out hence, your opponent has no other choice but to block you and as soon as he does that you can snap the last corner left. No matter what move he makes you are surely to win in this game.

Move 2, if your opponent places the ‘o’ in a side square, then put yours in the center square and manipulate your opponent to block you in his next move. If his next move requires you to block him then your move could be of no result but if not you are free to move. Your next option is to place your ‘x’ in a corner square that is not beside the ‘o’. Again, you just made a sure win move.

But then again, tic tac toe game strategy does not guarantee a 100% winning nor does assure favor either on your part since this game greatly depends whether you are forced to block your opponent or free to move on your own choice.

Move 3, if ‘o’ goes into the center square, place your next ‘x’ move at the corner square diagonally opposite to the square that you first picked. If ‘o’ placed his next move to the two remaining squares, you may block him by taking the last remaining corner. If the ‘o’ on the other hand is placed on a side square the game will end not in favor to your part.

But if you played second to the opponent most likely you are to make a non-center move. Here are the three ways to approach this certain scenario. Your strategy will basically depend on how your opponent started the game.

Move 1, if opponent started with a corner square and then another ‘x’ in one side for his next move it is best to place your ‘o’ on one corner square opposite to his ‘x’. It is important that you block his move to make your draw.

Move 2, If your opponent has placed its ‘x’ on any side squares there are two probability in this game, one is if both his ‘x’ is placed in the same corner then your move is to make a draw by placing your ‘o’ in the same corner square or you can place it in another side square. When ‘x’ tries to block your move, you can put your ‘o’ besides an ‘x’ that will be in favor to you to ensure winning.

Move 3, if both you and your opponent are on the corner squares, you need to resort into playing a draw.

The best strategy for tic tac toe game is not to win but how to get the chance of you not losing. Focusing on that will pave more way of you winning the game. Nonetheless, winning the game is far off if you do not have the tic tac toe beach towels with you. So get one now!