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Facebook Game Strategies


Playing games online has become all the rage just like Wii has for the home gamer, Facebook is the number 1 game site with millions of people playing strategy. Most people playing are not as good as they would like to be. We all need to know how to play better. How to out smart the others players, move up to the next level and to just enjoy the game more.

In order to play at the next level we could spend hours playing and learning as we go along or we could get the help we need. This is where game guides come in. Strategy guides can help you with tips, tricks, and strategies so you can really enjoy playing games and reap the rewards of being successful. After all it is no fun playing and not getting anywhere in the game or not reaching the level that you should be achieving.

To play the most popular Facebook games listed below you will need to learn some of the strategies that are outlined by each game.

CityVille- Tips on how to build your city and get more Cityville cash and coins.

FarmVille- Farming strategies to have you farming like a seasoned farmer.

FarmTown- Guides you through the design, maintenance and growing of your farm

Café World- How to manage your own little Cafe

Restaurant City- Tricks to get your restaurant to 5 star level

YoVille-Don’t just hang out in YoVille learn to make it more fun

Pet Society- Learn how to create your pet and raise a happy pet

Country Store-Unwind from the hustle and bustle and enjoy the Old Country Store

Mafia Wars- Recruit your own Mafia Family members and control the world

Now is the time to learn all you the little strategies and impress all your friends and fellow gamers with your expertise but don’t tell them how you are doing it. Hold them hostage for a while. No, I am just kidding let them in on the secrets, it will still be fun.