Could You Be FarmVille’s Best Player

Now is the time to set up your FarmVille game strategy and get ahead of your Facebook friends. Change your FarmVille life with the best animals, best crops, and best trees. Come on!


How much time do you spend on playing the game? How much can you dedicate for a farming? These are important questions to consider as you build your farm. If you have the time to go online anytime, plant crops that will harvest in less than or in 24 hours. Examples of these crops are strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, and pumpkins. If you plant these crops, make sure to harvest them on the same day. You get to save time and earn more, and you can do this as soon as the harvests are ready.


Is FarmVille turning into Madagascar? Zynga, the makers of FarmVille , just keep on adding more animals that although give spice to online farming, can also be overwhelming. What should you do with all those animals? A FarmVille game strategy is to accept all the gifts. If someone gives you an animal for free, take it. Don’t worry about having to sell some of your animals to allot space. You can make money out of them. The most profitable animals are rabbits, black sheep, goats, and horses.


They look good in your farm, don’t they? Besides that, I’m afraid trees don’t have much use. However, there’s a reason for including them in the game. You can use trees as fillers for areas where you cannot sow crops. Some trees have good earning points. Pomegranates and Acai are examples. These FarmVille game strategies are the foundation for setting up your game. When you have the best, you will surely succeed. Higher levels and a mansion will not be too long from now.