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Give your winning streak while playing video games – Few essential tips

Are you someone who loves to play a video game? If answered yes, you’re not alone as people of all ages usually engage in such fun activities as a possible way of leaving their fears and boredom behind. But at the same time, there might be various aspects of video games which you don’t understand and hence you’ve taken the right step by clicking on this article. There are times when playing a game, whether offline or online can become challenging and this can be even more fun when you do it along. Here are few tips that you may follow in order to give in your winning streak.

  1. Personalize your controls: Every video game has got an advanced setting which allows you to alter the way in which you can control a game. If you wish to be a winner, you should utilize your settings to your benefit. There’s no hard-and-fast rule which says that you have to play the game with the default settings of the game. Change it according to your convenience so that you can win easily. In case you’re a fan of 3D space pinball, play 3D space pinball here.
  2. Watch out for rewards program: Check out to see whether or not the video game which you want to play has a rewards program. You can easily achieve bonus or discounts on such games, gaming magazines and also subscriptions. All these games can earn you extra discounts and subscriptions to such gaming magazines. They may also give you extra money for trading in such games. You might need money to sign up, but such rewards add up as soon as you can.
  3. Used video games: Don’t neglect the fact that the used market for console video games while looking for titles. It is possible to find good condition video games which are used, from numerous sources. You can even find them online through various resellers and other auction websites both in collections and single titles. Don’t allow video games to pile up as that is nothing but a waste of space and opportunities.
  4. Console gaming system: Though you may think that PS2 is not the ultimate console gaming system but if you’re looking for an inexpensive choice, this is definitely the best one for you. PS2 is about 50% lower than the current price of a gaming console. A game console is algo a money-saving option and there are lots available in the market today.

Therefore, if you are earnest enough to win a game, you should follow the above mentioned tips and strategies to help yourself with it. Play serious video games and don’t fake it.

No Limit Texas Holdem Poker Cash Game Strategy

Exploiting other people’s weaknesses is the key to lucrative profit in poker. Most players will consistently make mistakes that you can take advantage of. Knowing how to play against tight players, loose players, aggressive players and passive players is very important.

The Tight Player

Tight players are harder to take advantage of than loose players. If they’re highly skilled, it can be even more difficult. The main way to take advantage of tight players is to steal their blinds. They often times won’t fight back if they don’t have the cards to back it up. Steal from the small blind, the dealer and dealer+1.

The Loose Player

The loose player is your cash machine. They consistently play bad cards, so the strategy here is to play tight, wait for good cards and then punish the loose player for playing so loosely. You may have to wait a round or two, but the reward will be well worth it.

The Loose Passive Player

This is the best scenario possible. This player is also known as the “calling tank.” They’re players who’ll play almost any two cards and call even when they have nearly nothing. The strategy here is to wait for a good hand, bet the value of your hand and watch as the calling tank fills up your chip stack.

The Hyper Aggressive Player

Often times in low limit games you’ll run into the hyper aggressive player who’ll bet or go all in with just about any hand. Depending on how aggressive this player is, you generally want to play tight and wait for a good hand. You can often double up on these players. You can go up against the player with a semi-good hand if you want to take the risk, since chances are he doesn’t have anything. However, to play it safe, it’s best to wait for a really good hand.

These are some of the more common characters you’ll find in an online poker game. Learn to spot the signs, take careful notes and exploit those weaknesses!

Facebook Game Strategies


Playing games online has become all the rage just like Wii has for the home gamer, Facebook is the number 1 game site with millions of people playing strategy. Most people playing are not as good as they would like to be. We all need to know how to play better. How to out smart the others players, move up to the next level and to just enjoy the game more.

In order to play at the next level we could spend hours playing and learning as we go along or we could get the help we need. This is where game guides come in. Strategy guides can help you with tips, tricks, and strategies so you can really enjoy playing games and reap the rewards of being successful. After all it is no fun playing and not getting anywhere in the game or not reaching the level that you should be achieving.

To play the most popular Facebook games listed below you will need to learn some of the strategies that are outlined by each game.

CityVille- Tips on how to build your city and get more Cityville cash and coins.

FarmVille- Farming strategies to have you farming like a seasoned farmer.

FarmTown- Guides you through the design, maintenance and growing of your farm

Café World- How to manage your own little Cafe

Restaurant City- Tricks to get your restaurant to 5 star level

YoVille-Don’t just hang out in YoVille learn to make it more fun

Pet Society- Learn how to create your pet and raise a happy pet

Country Store-Unwind from the hustle and bustle and enjoy the Old Country Store

Mafia Wars- Recruit your own Mafia Family members and control the world

Now is the time to learn all you the little strategies and impress all your friends and fellow gamers with your expertise but don’t tell them how you are doing it. Hold them hostage for a while. No, I am just kidding let them in on the secrets, it will still be fun.

CityVille Domination Guide ‘At Its Best’

CityVille is the newest and hottest Facebook game made by Zynga today. The main goal of playing this game is to let the players build their own impressive and successful city while being the best leader possible among other city leaders.

Zynga just made something perfect for its avid players – the CityVille Domination Guide. This guidebook is made to help players to play the entire game perfectly and effectively while building a successful metropolis and be the best city mayor. The domination guide perfectly gives detailed information to its players about how to play CityVille with the fastest and easiest way of increasing game levels. It just helps provide its players ideas on how to easily gain experience to unlock other options while continuing building progress to its city. The guidebook is made to provide helpful tips and ideas on how to play and transform the entire game effectively – and most importantly, the guidebook itself have given out detailed information that every players could easily understand.

You might think that the whole idea of playing this online game is very easy. Everybody can actually play this game the easiest way they thought they can. But playing the entire game without wasting too much coins and cash, gain more experience while enjoying fastest way of increasing game level will only be a handful away with this guide. You will be guided with perfect information about running your own city progressively. The guidebook provide the players some tricks and ideas about how to successfully build their own city and revealed best game strategies that cannot be found while playing the game normally. Step by step procedure is what this guidebook wants to give away to all its players.

Having this guidebook will also keep the players updated about the game newest and latest features as the game continues to produce hottest game equipment. Every player who loves to play the entire game would love to have this CityVille Domination Guide as a perfect gaming partner. It just perfectly brings out something good for its players that would perfectly make the entire gaming method more enjoyable.

Mental Game Strategies to Help You Shoot Low Scores Fast

Shooting low golf scores is a great challenge and few people ever learn how to break 80 never mind breaking 70. The mental game can play a big role in helping you to shoot really low scores especially if you already have good swing mechanics and a solid short game. Too many golfers do not have a plan mentally to approach the game and this costs them an unnecessary number of strokes each round. Here are some tips on the mental game that can help you play better golf:

Tip 1: Execute Proper Course Management

Most amateurs are very poor at managing a golf course and try to play the heroic shots that the commentators on television talk about and some of the professionals on tour like to hit from difficult situations. The best approach as far as course management is to have a conservative strategy but an aggressive swing. You need to know what you are capable of doing and play within yourself and only hit the high percentage shots. Do not let what other people in your group are doing influence your decision off the tee. Remember that your main competitor is the golf course itself and your goal is to post the lowest score you are capable of on that day.

Tip 2: Develop a Solid Pre Shot Routine

Having a good pre shot routine will help you to be a more consistent player since it will help to get you physically and mentally prepared for every shot. There are 2 aspects to the routine and they include the mental and physical routine. The mental routine is more important however a consistent physical routine can aid and support the mental routine also. Try to be flexible in your physical routine and allow yourself to take extra practice swings if necessary at times. The key aspect of the mental routine is how you think before you strike the ball.

It is important to clear your mind and focus only on the target when you swing the club. You need to trust that you have trained your swing enough on the range to be able to hit the ball well on the course. If you constantly think about swing mechanics then this will affect your ability to play well especially under pressure. Do not worry if you find your heart racing and even your hand shaking a little during a competition as this is normal and you should even try to enjoy it as it is simply a surge of adrenalin going through your system. Just look and react to your targets and this will allow you to hit the best shots in those situations.

Tip 3: Think Positive

You know you need to do this but most people have a bad habit of dwelling on their bad shots. This can really suck the enjoyment out the game so relax and even laugh a little when you find yourself hitting some bad shots. Remember that golf is a game of mistakes and then recovering from those mistakes as fast as possible. Try some of these golf mental game strategies to help you reduce your handicap faster.

Best Starcraft 2 Zerglings Rush Build Order Strategy

The Zerg race has plenty of builds that can guide its players to various ways of winning a match in Starcraft 2. The Zergling Rush, if done right, is one of those builds that can lead to swift victories and quick games.

The Zergling Rush build is one of the simplest to execute because it is so easy. The objective is to get six Zerglings as early as possible to dash into your enemy’s camp and overwhelm him before he can mass up. The downside though is that this strategy works effectively in the lower levels of play and does not work at the higher ladder brackets. This strategy also works well on small maps with little distance between bases. Still the same, I’m showing you one of the best Starcraft 2 Zerglings rush build order strategy for you to grab a quick win.

All you have to execute is to dispatch six Drones to extract minerals and wait till you have two hundred Drones. From there, you must build a Spawning Pool. While waiting for the pool to finish, create two Drones and bring them together to extract more minerals. When the Spawning Pool is done, you must ready Larvae and have 150 minerals. Turn all three Larvae into Zerglings right away and send them to the enemy’s base. Once additional Larvae emerge from your Hatchery, make them into Zerglings and be sure to send them into the opponent’s base as reinforcements.

The Zergling Rush is a challenging and top Shokz SC2 Zerg early game strategy to play with. Just remember to give it your all once you start attacking your opponent.

Using Race, there are a number of good strategies against each of the other race, and you need to also look out for some other strategies against you.

Late Game Strategy

One of my most memorable trips as the head coach at Stetson University was a flight from Orlando to San Francisco. My assistant, Jeff Rutter, and I used the lengthy trip to talk late game strategy. Surely the people sitting close to us on the plane thought we were nuts. Armed with 3-ring binders weighing about 12 pounds each, we laid out our material and went to work.

Our topic was late game strategy which has dozens of components to it. We did our best to dissect one topic after another. The problem breaking down a topic like late game is that the possibilities are endless, meaning the monster grows instead of becoming smaller. We did our best, making it a quick and enjoyable trip.

One of topics that day dealt with an end of the game scenario when one team takes possession of the ball with limited time left. This could come after a made or missed shot or free throw as well as from a turnover. We call this situation, “flow or blow”. In other words, when your team takes possession of the ball with limited time left, will you call a timeout or let your team flow down the floor to get a shot on their own? Like all late game situations, this scenario must be thought out and practiced.

If you decide to blow, or call a time out, you will be able to set your strategy for a final shot. You may need to get your players settled down or give them a quick rest. Another benefit of stopping play is that you can substitute to get your best offensive players on the floor. By stopping play you will also have to successfully in-bound the ball which could result in a turnover. If the opponent is in a full court press it could take valuable time off the clock and limit your chances to score.

Some coaches like to flow in a situation like this, which also has its merits. The defense is not allowed to set up their strategy since you are bringing the ball on the fly. By being aggressive with the ball, the offense is usually in control. Many times an aggressive offensive attack will result in a foul. Unfortunately, many times the offense will take a bad shot or turn the ball over because a lack of organization.

This is one of many late game elements you should practice with your team to give them confidence. Players execute better when they know they can score in these situations due to repetitions in practice. The decision is yours, coach. Will you flow or blow?

Short Stack and Cap Game Strategy

Short stack and cap game poker is getting more and more popular so it is time to discuss this issue in more details. As you have seen in an earlier article there are many advantages that a short stack player can use against deep stack players. In this article I discuss the issue of preflop aggression in short stack poker.

Once again, in the following examples I assume you have a minimum of 15 and a maximum of 30 big blinds. In the first example let’s say you have JhAh in the button at a $0.50/$1 short-handed game with $18. The cutoff raises to $3.5. It is your turn. What should you do? Of course you will play. You could even reraise in a deep stack situation as well on a short-handed table, but your decision is a lot easier with short-stack. Just push all-in! Your opponent might fold an ace with lower kicker, small pair, two high cards or a bluff. In this case you pick up his $3.5 and the blinds which is altogether $5 profit. That is more than 25% of your stack! What happens if he calls? Many times he will have the above mentioned hands and you will have the advantage. In case he has a small pair basically you are in a coin-flip situation. The only problem occurs when your opponent has a higher pair than tens or AK and AQ. These possibilities are not very common and when it happens you take your small chance.

What do you do at the same table in the same situation when you are dealt 6s6c? You do exactly the same! With such a small stack you do not risk much at all. That is one of the advantages of short-stack game. If you steal the blinds you are already making a profit, if it did not work you still have chance to win the hand. Of course this strategy does not work in deep stack situations but in short stack it is profitable.

Now I show a perfect example of short stack play from pot-limit omaha high. At a 6 handed table I was dealt 4s5s3d7d. I was the BB with a $30 stack. The blinds were $0.50/$1. The next player bet $3.5 and everyone called to me. My hand is double suited and can win big pots with the straight possibilities. It may be good in multi-way pots and in deep stack situations but my stack is relatively small and there is already $16.50 in the pot and I have only $29 left. It does not really make any sense to call. A lot better option is to push all-in and make a couple of players fold and be in a heads up situation with a player or two. In this case there is a lot of dead money in the pot already and my hand will perform well in the long run.

I pushed all-in, the next player reraised all-in, the 4th player called, the next two folded and the small blind called. The flop came: 8d4dKd. I hit the flush but who knows if it is any good. The remaining two players push all-in and I get to see everyone’s hand: Ah2sAd7s, ThJh7c8s and TsJdQsKs. This means only I had double suited hand and only I had the diamonds draw. The turn and river was the 9hQd. This means I have won the hand and collected a $127 pot! What a huge ROI!

In this example you do not have to see any deep strategy analysis. I had pure luck. I could have lost the hand the same way I won it. In this example it is not important whether I won or lost. The math and the percentages are the important parts. And of course the principle of the hand is the key. With a deep stack situation what should I have done on the flop? Most likely the pair of aces with the Ad in hand bets and with no options I fold with my small flush. And I would have never known I had the best hand. In this example I went all-in before the flop and did not have to worry anymore. I sat back and wtached what happens. I was the only player playing a double suited small cards hand which gave me huge potential. Not even considering the 2x$3.5 from the two preflop limpers who folded before the flop.

Now let’s see the mentioned percentages. Here are the four hands and the preflop chances when I pushed all-in: 4s5s3d7d: 29%, Ah2sAd7s: 20%, ThJh7c8s: 24%, TsJdQsKs: 27%. This means I was ahead of all four hands preflop. Percentages are always interesting therefore you should analyze such a situation because they might provide interesting results. On the flop the situation was the following: 4s5s3d7d: 92%, Ah2sAd7s: 2%, ThJh7c8s: 2%, TsJdQsKs: 4%. Only backdoor full house draws could have won against me however in a deep stack situation I would have folded for a bet from any of the four players. The turn card has decided everything and no one had a chance to win the hand but me.

I hope with the given examples you have improved your short stack and cap game strategy and have learned how to play preflop. In online poker you can try the above mentioned strategy right now if you wanted. I wish you good luck and even better winning rates.

If you would like to see deeper analysis with the concrete numbers and chances, please visit our website and take an active part in the analyzing process.

World of Warcraft In-Game Strategy Guides

As we shift towards the interactive age we begin to see signs of the new era in virtual interactive design. All one has to do is look at the current generation consoles, such as the Wii and the PS3 that provide controls intertwined into your movements. The era continues forward in other gaming areas as well. One of the newest innovations is in the strategy guides department. And of course, the engine of this new strategy guide method is none other than World of Warcraft.

The WoW guide department has been littered with good ones and bad ones, they have been reviewed and tried throughout the community and the cream has risen to the top. With the market saturated with Warcraft guides, what new template could be offered? Enter the In-Game Strategy Guide.

At the forefront is the Zygor Guide, this cool guide provides a software addon as well as the standard eBook format. The in-game portion displays as a small window on the game screen, it actually has two display options, the Big Guide, which is the large in-game window, and the Small Guide which is the small in-game window. It is an incredibly cool idea and really adds to the stale eBook strategy guide format. No more alt-tabbing in and out of the game, the in-game guide actually provides the path within the game.

Not to be left behind, Team Idemise and Joanna’s Horde Leveling Guide also provide in-game guide software. Team Idemise presents itself as an in-game waypoint system that points you exactly where you need to go. Joanna’s Guide provides a mod for in-game leveling as well, it is specifically for Wrath of the Lich King but she is about to release one as well for her first flagship as well.

The future is exciting for the online gaming community. But not just for them, imagine the guides that will install directly into console games so that those offline gamers will have this interactive option too. This will push the guide industry forward as the demand grows. This trend will expand exponentially.

It’s exciting to consider what other innovations that WoW strategy guides will begin to offer in the near future.

Developing a Short Game Strategy


The Golf Season is Upon Us! Is Your Short Game Ready? The better players have a knack for making two shots out of three, whereas higher handicap golfers routinely make three shots out of two. Even the best players only hit about 65-70% or 13 of the 18 greens in regulation (GIR). In order to post a decent score, these players are getting the ball up and down on the majority of those holes. But for every player who plays an otherwise average game but makes up for it inside 100 yards, there are 10 others who pay scant attention to this part of the game. And it shows! The keys to making this part of the game work for you are (1) developing a strategy to guide your shot selection (2) selecting the correct club (3) practice. This article focuses on short game strategy development and some practice techniques.

A Game Within a Game–What is Your Strategy? Many people consider putting especially but the short game in general a game within a game. Regardless of where you believe it fits, it is generally true that the higher the handicap player, the less time they spend on the short game. The lower handicap players likely divide their time between the long and the short game. There is a reason for that and it should be obvious, but if you hit the ball 300 yards off the tee or if you sink a 3 inch putt, each counts as 1 stroke. No more, no less. There are those instructors who believe we should learn the game from the green back to the tee as a way to reinforce the importance of this principle. What is your general strategy for the short game and for part shots, and how effective are you at the elements of your strategy? Do you always blast away off the tee, or do you consider taking less club in a situation where it’s a shorter hole and you want to leave yourself a favorite yardage? If you are wondering what is meant by these questions, let me provide an example and see if it matches or is similar to your own approach. All things being equal (ATBE), if I can’t reach the green without some type of risk on a second shot to a par 5, for instance, I like to hit a club that will position the ball to a point where I leave myself a 100 yard or 70 yard shot.

This distance corresponds to my normal sand wedge and my 60 degree lob wedge distances, respectively. I practice these shots every time I hit golf balls, so ATBE, I am much more likely to get it within a sinkable range or within 10 feet or less from these distances than from a shorter distance of say, 85 or 55 yards. These distances are based on a so called 1030 swing or a three quarter swing (e.g., my lead or left arm for a right handed golfer would be parallel to the ground for a 0900 swing position and all the way to the top would be a 1200 O’clock swing. Halfway between the two is the 1030 position). I find it is just bad strategy to leave an odd distance if I can avoid it and on a layup shot such as that described above, you have ultimate control over how far you hit it. To use another example, if you don’t quite catch it off the tee and you end up in a position where you can’t reach the green but you can get within 30 yards of the green by hitting a 3wood or a long iron, I would prefer to hit a middle or short iron such as a 5 or 7 iron to reach my ideal layup distance.

To belabor a point, this assumes that you have worked out your distances and practiced your wedges so you know your ideal target yardage. So the first part of improving is having a similar strategy where you look for deliberate opportunities to get the ball to yardages that play to your strengths. I should note that if you are really good at getting the ball up and down from 30 or 45 yards, then that is the target distance you should shoot for all the time!

Deliberate Choices–Not a Coincidence! The above outlines a strategy that gets you to the scoring clubs and you should pursue that option whenever you have the opportunity. To be more specific, the way to make two shots out of three in this situation is to lay the ball up to a distance and a club you have practiced. Then it is mere execution to get the ball within range to sink the resultant putt. Three strokes and a putt is just as good a par as hitting the green in regulation and two putting: the scorecard does not care. Of course, Lee Trevino observed that “two things that don’t last are dogs chasing cars and pros putting for pars”, so we are ideally talking about those instances where you can’t hit the GIR or for a longer par 5. This technique would not generally be applicable for a par 3. If you are wondering how you can work it so your sand wedge hits it 100 yards, it is not a coincidence that I hit my sand wedge and lob wedge 100 and 70 yards. In fact it is the furthest thing from a coincidence!

I adjusted my wedges and bought specific clubs to fit these yardages after practicing with similar clubs to work out the yardages. In fact the golf ball goes further every year, or so it seems, so I am playing with a sand wedge that has been weakened almost two degrees over the last three years to keep the 1030 swing at 100 yards. If I hit my sand wedge with the 0900 swing, ATBE, it goes about 75 yards and the lob wedge about 52 yards. If I am a little bit off with my calculations I have a club that will cover the distance. I do not like hitting a 0730 swing with these clubs as a matter of personal choice. The confidence you will gain over time through the combination of the practice of these shots and the strategy to find opportunities to take advantage of your new found skill will lead to lower scoring.

Summary. Develop a strategy as part of your overall course management objectives to lay the ball up to distances you like. Hit practice shots from the distances so you get more and more comfortable over time. In two previous articles I discussed how to employ the knockdown swing and also how to work on your swing speed and distances. The item being added in this article is the strategy piece, without which the other aspects are somewhat incomplete. It does little to no good to know your swing speed and your distances if you lack a strategy that lets you take that advantage to the course. When you have a chance to reach the green but it is a risk reward shot, the added confidence of having dialed in wedges can make a big difference in how you approach these situations. With that confidence you will notice an improvement in your scores and you will find you can get more aggressive in situations where you have a comfortable yardage. Practice with the wedges will improve your overall game by expanding your options. It all starts with the development of a strategy for how you play your approach shots and how you work to your strengths in those situations where you are trying to make two shots out of three!