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No Limit Texas Holdem Poker Cash Game Strategy

Exploiting other people’s weaknesses is the key to lucrative profit in poker. Most players will consistently make mistakes that you can take advantage of. Knowing how to play against tight players, loose players, aggressive players and passive players is very important.

The Tight Player

Tight players are harder to take advantage of than loose players. If they’re highly skilled, it can be even more difficult. The main way to take advantage of tight players is to steal their blinds. They often times won’t fight back if they don’t have the cards to back it up. Steal from the small blind, the dealer and dealer+1.

The Loose Player

The loose player is your cash machine. They consistently play bad cards, so the strategy here is to play tight, wait for good cards and then punish the loose player for playing so loosely. You may have to wait a round or two, but the reward will be well worth it.

The Loose Passive Player

This is the best scenario possible. This player is also known as the “calling tank.” They’re players who’ll play almost any two cards and call even when they have nearly nothing. The strategy here is to wait for a good hand, bet the value of your hand and watch as the calling tank fills up your chip stack.

The Hyper Aggressive Player

Often times in low limit games you’ll run into the hyper aggressive player who’ll bet or go all in with just about any hand. Depending on how aggressive this player is, you generally want to play tight and wait for a good hand. You can often double up on these players. You can go up against the player with a semi-good hand if you want to take the risk, since chances are he doesn’t have anything. However, to play it safe, it’s best to wait for a really good hand.

These are some of the more common characters you’ll find in an online poker game. Learn to spot the signs, take careful notes and exploit those weaknesses!

Facebook Game Strategies


Playing games online has become all the rage just like Wii has for the home gamer, Facebook is the number 1 game site with millions of people playing strategy. Most people playing are not as good as they would like to be. We all need to know how to play better. How to out smart the others players, move up to the next level and to just enjoy the game more.

In order to play at the next level we could spend hours playing and learning as we go along or we could get the help we need. This is where game guides come in. Strategy guides can help you with tips, tricks, and strategies so you can really enjoy playing games and reap the rewards of being successful. After all it is no fun playing and not getting anywhere in the game or not reaching the level that you should be achieving.

To play the most popular Facebook games listed below you will need to learn some of the strategies that are outlined by each game.

CityVille- Tips on how to build your city and get more Cityville cash and coins.

FarmVille- Farming strategies to have you farming like a seasoned farmer.

FarmTown- Guides you through the design, maintenance and growing of your farm

Café World- How to manage your own little Cafe

Restaurant City- Tricks to get your restaurant to 5 star level

YoVille-Don’t just hang out in YoVille learn to make it more fun

Pet Society- Learn how to create your pet and raise a happy pet

Country Store-Unwind from the hustle and bustle and enjoy the Old Country Store

Mafia Wars- Recruit your own Mafia Family members and control the world

Now is the time to learn all you the little strategies and impress all your friends and fellow gamers with your expertise but don’t tell them how you are doing it. Hold them hostage for a while. No, I am just kidding let them in on the secrets, it will still be fun.

CityVille Domination Guide ‘At Its Best’

CityVille is the newest and hottest Facebook game made by Zynga today. The main goal of playing this game is to let the players build their own impressive and successful city while being the best leader possible among other city leaders.

Zynga just made something perfect for its avid players – the CityVille Domination Guide. This guidebook is made to help players to play the entire game perfectly and effectively while building a successful metropolis and be the best city mayor. The domination guide perfectly gives detailed information to its players about how to play CityVille with the fastest and easiest way of increasing game levels. It just helps provide its players ideas on how to easily gain experience to unlock other options while continuing building progress to its city. The guidebook is made to provide helpful tips and ideas on how to play and transform the entire game effectively – and most importantly, the guidebook itself have given out detailed information that every players could easily understand.

You might think that the whole idea of playing this online game is very easy. Everybody can actually play this game the easiest way they thought they can. But playing the entire game without wasting too much coins and cash, gain more experience while enjoying fastest way of increasing game level will only be a handful away with this guide. You will be guided with perfect information about running your own city progressively. The guidebook provide the players some tricks and ideas about how to successfully build their own city and revealed best game strategies that cannot be found while playing the game normally. Step by step procedure is what this guidebook wants to give away to all its players.

Having this guidebook will also keep the players updated about the game newest and latest features as the game continues to produce hottest game equipment. Every player who loves to play the entire game would love to have this CityVille Domination Guide as a perfect gaming partner. It just perfectly brings out something good for its players that would perfectly make the entire gaming method more enjoyable.

Mental Game Strategies to Help You Shoot Low Scores Fast

Shooting low golf scores is a great challenge and few people ever learn how to break 80 never mind breaking 70. The mental game can play a big role in helping you to shoot really low scores especially if you already have good swing mechanics and a solid short game. Too many golfers do not have a plan mentally to approach the game and this costs them an unnecessary number of strokes each round. Here are some tips on the mental game that can help you play better golf:

Tip 1: Execute Proper Course Management

Most amateurs are very poor at managing a golf course and try to play the heroic shots that the commentators on television talk about and some of the professionals on tour like to hit from difficult situations. The best approach as far as course management is to have a conservative strategy but an aggressive swing. You need to know what you are capable of doing and play within yourself and only hit the high percentage shots. Do not let what other people in your group are doing influence your decision off the tee. Remember that your main competitor is the golf course itself and your goal is to post the lowest score you are capable of on that day.

Tip 2: Develop a Solid Pre Shot Routine

Having a good pre shot routine will help you to be a more consistent player since it will help to get you physically and mentally prepared for every shot. There are 2 aspects to the routine and they include the mental and physical routine. The mental routine is more important however a consistent physical routine can aid and support the mental routine also. Try to be flexible in your physical routine and allow yourself to take extra practice swings if necessary at times. The key aspect of the mental routine is how you think before you strike the ball.

It is important to clear your mind and focus only on the target when you swing the club. You need to trust that you have trained your swing enough on the range to be able to hit the ball well on the course. If you constantly think about swing mechanics then this will affect your ability to play well especially under pressure. Do not worry if you find your heart racing and even your hand shaking a little during a competition as this is normal and you should even try to enjoy it as it is simply a surge of adrenalin going through your system. Just look and react to your targets and this will allow you to hit the best shots in those situations.

Tip 3: Think Positive

You know you need to do this but most people have a bad habit of dwelling on their bad shots. This can really suck the enjoyment out the game so relax and even laugh a little when you find yourself hitting some bad shots. Remember that golf is a game of mistakes and then recovering from those mistakes as fast as possible. Try some of these golf mental game strategies to help you reduce your handicap faster.